50% off at AIM Global for Organizers

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In our continuous effort to assist organizers by providing a platform that is completely dedicated for the online voting of pageants. We have listened to their needs and one of them is the need for give aways and prizes and therefore partnered with SILKA (Cosmetique Asia) to provide packages to the pageants. Another thing we have noticed is that organizers are very much in love with what they do but often find themselves on the negative side financially or just barely getting through. In this light, we have decided to provide 50% off for a membership in one of the longest standing Multi-level Networking Companies in the Philippines: Alliance in Motion Global.

So now, any organizer that will use Pageant Vote will be able to purchase a global package from Alliance in Motion Global for only half the price! If you are interested, please contact us now at [email protected] This offer is only available to organizers, their team and winners at one package each. Purchase of the package should be done through Pageant Vote to avail of the discount. 

Packages available are as follows:

Here's the process:

1. Fill out the form below

2. You will be contacted by one of our associates. Please make the payment via PayPal, Debit, Credit card or any form of remittance. Prices followed will be the charges made by AIM Global in the Philippines.

Global Package is ₦38,000 and Mega Package is ₦70,000. You only need to remit 50% and we will take care of the rest.

3. We will purchase the package for you and send you the receipt via email or whatsapp. 

4. You can then head to the nearest AIM Global office to pick up the package.

Why is it best to avail of the packages through us? Because this will be offered to all organizers and earning potential for organizers is exponential.

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Once an organizer becomes a member of AIM Global, he automically becomes a distributor and will receive all the benifits of being a member. Here are the following ways to earn:

1. Product sales
Each member will be entitled to purchase the various products of AIM Global at the distributor price. The C24/7 is our flagship product and is most helpful in various ways to its users.

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2. Direct Referral 
Members are more than welcome and encouraged to invite others to become members of AIM Global. With each invite, organizers will receive the following commission for their referral:
Global Pacakge 
Mega Package ₦5,000

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3. Pairing Bonus

As members of AIM Global, organizers and contestants will now be entititled to a pairing bonus. All invites or organizers and contestants will be placed under his/her account according to the structure below. 

Earnings per pair is as follows: 
Global Pacakge ₦4,800
Mega Package ₦9,600 

Also, organizers will benifit from us inviting other organizers and placing them under him. This is not a guarantee but this will be our aim to help organizers EARN. By the pairing of users under the organizers, they stand to EARN and profit from this as well.

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